Our Mission - "Working Together to Help You Feel at Home"

The mission of WCNH summarizes our values and purpose in a single statement. We believe that to continue to be the facility of choice for Wayne County we need to put forth our best effort everyday as a team to care for the whole person. The design of our building helps us create a home-like, cheerful and positive atmosphere.

Household Model

The old "hospital" model that became so prevalent in nursing facilities throughout the nation in the 1960s is gone. There are no large central nursing stations with residents parked around it in geri-chairs. There are no long, isolating hallways of hospital rooms. The noise of carts and equipment doesn't disturb the pleasant, calm atmosphere.

The Household Model focuses on creating a home. The households consist of small groups of residents, and each household is designed with amenities to resemble a traditional family home. The result is more privacy for residents, a calm, quiet environment, a sense of normalcy, and more chances to interact in quality relationships with fellow residents, staff, and family.


  • Small groups of residents - 12 residents to a living/activity area
  • Consistent staff assignment to households
  • Patios & gardens
  • Full kitchens with professionally decorated dining rooms
  • Smaller living rooms with entertainment units
  • Fireplaces at each entrance
  • Laundry rooms
  • Pets Since the mid-1990's, WCNH has had live-in kitties, before pets were allowed in any nursing home!
  • Integration of all things home-like